Yoga for the fifth chakra, the chakra of the throat
Video Yoga for the fifth chakra, the chakra of the throat

Yoga for the fifth chakra, the chakra of the throat

The fifth chakra is the throat chakra. Yoga for the fifth chakra is beneficial for the thyroid and endocrine system but also for the airways. Not only that, the yoga sequence we are going to practice helps to improve flexibility, both of the body and mind, and removes tension in the neck and shoulders.
Sit cross-legged. Exhale and turn your head to the right, inhale and bring it back to the center, exhale and turn it to the left, and so on for a few cycles. Then, exhale and bring your head forward, inhale and bring your chin towards your throat.
You are on all fours, exhale and, starting from the lower back, round your spine toward the ceiling. Inhale, and bring your back straight, continue for 5 breaths.
You are on your back, bring your knees to your chest. Then lift your pelvis and bring yourself into the candle yoga pose with your legs stretched towards the ceiling. Exhale and lower your right leg until your foot touches the ground. Inhale and return the leg to the starting position. Then lower your left leg, then bring it back in the initial position, then lower both legs. Extend your arms behind your back.
From the position of the previous exercise, which is the yoga position of the plow, bend the legs and bring the knees to the ground. Return to the candle yoga pose and then with your body lying on the ground.
Raise your torso, you are on your elbows. Slip your hands under your pelvis, fold your neck back until the top of your head rests on the mat. This is the yoga position of the fish, breathe.
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