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Yoga for the kidneys
Video Yoga for the kidneys

Yoga for the kidneys

Today we see a yoga sequence that is useful for kidney health. With stretching exercises and asanas based on rotations it is possible to stimulate the kidney meridian, by favoring the work of these important organs and promoting detoxification processes.
Not only that, today's yoga sequence also helps improve back and joint flexibility.
You are standing, place a ball on the ground and slide it under the sole of your right foot. Then place all your weight on your right foot. Press the ball against the internal side of the foot and then slide it up to the toes. Repeat with the other foot.
Stretch upwards, then bend forward until you touch the ground with your hands. With a backward jump, enter the yoga position of the downward facing dog. So carry yourself on all fours. Take your right hand and left knee off the floor. Grab your foot with your hand, lift your torso and look straight ahead. Then bring your left foot between your hands. Take both hands off the ground and lift your torso. Lift your right foot off the ground and grab it with your right hand. Stay in the pose, breathe. Repeat with the other leg.
Sit cross-legged, right foot forward. The hands grab the outside of the feet. Extend the right leg as the hand continues to hold the foot, the left leg remains in place. Return the foot to the ground and switch the position of the feet. Now extend your left leg. Then straighten both legs, the hands always keep the feet. Then, remove your hands, slide your weight backwards and enter the boat yoga position, with your legs stretched forward and upwards. The arms are extended forward following the line of the legs.
Crouch on the mat, the pelvis is raised off the ground. Place your left hand to the side, away from your body. Bring your right arm over your left knee. The right forearm passes under the knees. Rotate the torso so as to look upwards. The left arm passes behind the back and the hands grab each other. This is pasasana, an excellent yoga position to purify the body. Repeat on the other side as well.
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