Yoga for the liver and to stimulate the detox processes
Video Yoga for the liver and to stimulate the detox processes

Yoga for the liver and to stimulate the detox processes

With the winter season, we tend to move less and eat heavier, sugary foods. How to lighten the work of the liver? Yoga comes to the aid thanks to special asanas such as twisting and stretching of the meridians that stimulate the liver and detox processes, increase energy, improve mood, strengthen the immune system and even make the skin brighter!
You are standing on the mat, raise your right arm in front of you, the palm of your hand faces forward. The left arm is bent and close to the hip, the palm is facing down. Do a little springing on your legs and switch your arms, continue like this. After a few cycles, stretch upwards, bend your torso forward and touch the ground with your hands, your legs are extended.
Now bring yourself seated, legs stretched out in front of you. Bend your right leg and bring your foot beyond your left knee. The right elbow presses against the knee, the left hand is placed behind the back and the torso rotates to the left. Breathe, with each exhale try to rotate a little more. Then release the yoga pose and repeat on the other side.
You are on your back, your knees are bent and close to your chest. Hands are on the right knee, the left leg stretches forward. Bring your left knee back to your chest and straighten your right leg, so on. The yoga position of the wind helps to counteract a swollen belly.
You are on your stomach, your hands are on the ground at shoulder height, your feet are close. Extend your right arm to the side. Bend your left knee, lift your thigh and bring your left foot over your right leg, if you can, try to put your foot on the ground. Then take your foot off the ground and grab it with your left hand. Breathe. Repeat on the other side.
You are on your stomach, your torso is slightly off the ground, your elbows press against the mat and your fingers are stretched forward. Bend both knees and bring your heels close to your buttocks. Grab your ankles with your hands. Open your mouth and stick your tongue out, bringing it close to your chin. Inhale through the nose and exhale, always through the nose, with force, continue like this. This helps stimulate liver cleansing.
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