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Yoga for the sciatica
Video Yoga for the sciatica

Yoga for the sciatica

August 07, 2020
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Today we’ll see a yoga sequence designed to prevent and counteract inflammation of the sciatic nerve. The asanas that we’ll do are simple, affordable for everyone and can be easily included in the daily practice.

You are on your stomach, your arms are at your sides. Inhale, exhale, lift your legs and torso off the ground. Your head looks ahead. Also lift your arms from the ground, stretch them backwards, in the yoga position of the locust.

You are on all fours. Slide your right knee between your hands, the left leg stretches backwards and the knee touches the ground. Bring your forehead on the ground in the pigeon's yoga pose. Repeat by changing legs.

You are on your back. Bend your right leg and rest your left foot on your right knee, the left knee is facing outwards. Put your hands under your right knee and lift your leg, bringing it closer to your chest. Stay in the pose, breathe. Then repeat with the other leg.

You are standing. Bring your right foot beyond your left foot, by crossing your legs. Slowly, lean forward until you touch the ground with your hands. Then lift your upper body again and change your feet position, repeat the exercise.

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