Yoga for the sixth chakra
Video Yoga for the sixth chakra

Yoga for the sixth chakra

The chakras are, according to Indian tradition, the energetic centers where the body energy flows. The main chakras are 7 and located along the spine. Today we’ll see a yoga sequence really beneficial for the sixth chakra, called third eye, that is represented in the middle of the forehead between the eyebrows. A block in this chakra may cause headache, sinusitis, problems of the eyes and ears and poor ability to listen to the inner voice.
A yoga pose beneficial for the sixth chakra is uttanasana. Inhale and bring the arms towards the ceiling, then exhale and bend forward, try to reach the ground with the hands. The legs are together and stretched. If you feel pain bend slightly the knees.
Another yoga pose for the sixth chakra is the upward plank. Sit down, legs stretched out. The hands are behind the back. Raise the hips from the ground, the head looks in front of you, breathe.
A very good exercise for the third eye but also for eyesight is palming. Sit down, rub the hands together until they are warm. Place gently the palms of hands on the eyes, don’t press too much, breathe. This exercise may be repeated more times a day, it will help you improve concentration but also strengthen the eyesight.
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