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Yoga inversions, benefits and practice
Video Yoga inversions, benefits and practice

Yoga inversions, benefits and practice

Today we’ll see a yoga sequence based on inversions, that are the asana where the head is below the heart. Inverted poses are really beneficial for blood flow because, in this way, the blood arrives more easily to the heart from the legs and the lower part of the torso and an extra amount of oxygen reaches the cells that result revitalized. But inversions improve also attention and memory as highlighted by scientific researches! The sequence is developed in order to make everybody, both beginners and advanced, able to benefit from the inversions. We will do some preparatory exercises such as the child pose and the dolphin pose and then we will see how to do shirsasana or headstand.
Sit on your heels, lean the forehead on the mat. Breathe. Then, lift the hips. Now the top of the head is on the mat, cross the fingers behind your back and lift the arms with the fingers looking towards the sky. Stay in the pose.
Sit again on your heels. Put the elbows on the yoga mat and cross the fingers in front of you. Lift the knees from the floor, you are now in the dolphin pose. Push the shoulders towards the legs.
Now, keep always your elbows and crossed hands on the mat. Place the top of the head on the mat. Lift the knees from the floor, walk a bit in order to bring close the feet. Try to lift one foot and then the other in order to become familiar with the asana on the head. At the beginning you will stop here, only when the body will be ready and the arms strong enough to push away the floor in order to avoid that all the weight is on the head you will be able to go further. You will be able to lift both legs and go in a headstand. This movement will be very easy and spontaneous but only when the body will be ready. Avoid the pose in case of high blood pressure or eye diseases.
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