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Yoga nidra, the deep relaxation against anxiety, fears and insomnia
Video Yoga nidra, the deep relaxation against anxiety, fears and insomnia

Yoga nidra, the deep relaxation against anxiety, fears and insomnia

In the video of today we’ll see a guided relaxation technique, very powerful, the yoga nidra, also called the yoga of sleep.
Body and mind are brought to a phase that precedes the sleep where the mind is more receptive. In this way, it is possible to regenerate the mind, remove anxiety, fears, obsessions and nervousness that block your inner skills and that often cause insomnia. Yoga nidra is given by particular steps, let’s see together!
You are on your back, the legs are slightly spread and the arms at your sides, palms up. Close the eyes, breathe.
Bring the attention on the parts of the body, such as feet, legs, chest, hands, mouth and eyebrows, and relax every tension in these regions.
Now it’s time for the resolution, namely a statement that is repeated mentally three times with the aim that you want to reach. In the practice of today I’ve chosen a statement that is suitable for the moment that we are living. I deserve to be happy, inside me there are tools that help me overcome every obstacle.
Move quickly your attention on the different parts of the body that are nominated, first the right part and the left one. For example, bring your attention on the right foot, then on the left one, on the right knee and on the left one.
Now focus your attention on the breath. Observe the air that flows inside your body and that goes outside, carrying worriers and fears and giving them to the earth. Observe how the navel rises and falls down again, count backwards the times the navel rises starting from 10.
Feel the sensations that are brought to your mind. For example, warmth, lightness and their contrary.
Try now to visualize in your mind the images of objects, landscapes and situations that are nominated, such as clearing, lakes, trees and flowers and visualize them in a vivid way, by using all the senses.
Repeat again the resolution for three times.
Slowly, bring again the attention on the body, caress the chest, the face and the hair. Turn on the side and sit up. Stay in the pose for some breaths, feel the sensations that yoga nidra has given to you.
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