Yoga, sequence for the thyroid, the kidneys and the back

The yoga sequence of today is based on the asana of the bridge and its variations. This exercise is really beneficial to improve the elasticity of the back, to counteract stress and tensions, to support the work of the thyroid and to purify the kidneys and the adrenal glands.
You are on your back, the legs are bent and the arms are at your sides. Press the feet against the mat and raise the hips, arrive until you can. Breathe and stay in the bridge yoga pose.
Bring now the knees to the chest and with your hands grab the ankles. Return with your feet on the ground and raise the hips. Stay in the pose, breathe.
You are on your back with bent legs and feet on the mat. Raise the right leg and place the foot on the left knee. Raise the hips and go on tiptoe. Stay in the pose and breathe. Repeat with the other leg.
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