Yoga, the half moon for the balance and the flexibility

In the video of today we’ll see a sequence based on the yoga pose of the half moon, particularly beneficial to strengthen the muscles of the legs, to improve the balance and flexibility of the hips and of the spine.
You are on your knees, raise the hips and stretch on the side the right leg. Raise the left arm, bend the torso to the right and then go to the left until you are able to touch the mat with your left hand. At the same time raise the right leg. Grab the ankle with the right hand and look over your shoulder. Stay in the pose for some breaths, the leg is pressing against the hand that is contrasting the movement. Return to the initial pose and repeat with the other leg. This is the easy version of the half moon pose. Let’s see the complete asana.
You are standing on the mat, bend the torso forward. Bend also slightly the right leg and bring the weight on this leg. Go forward and touch the mat with the right hand. Straighten now the right leg and bring the shoulders on the same line of the wrist. The left arm is stretched towards the ceiling. To complete the asana, raise the left leg.
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