Yoga, the sequence to do the fallen angel

The fallen angel is a truly spectacular yoga position, useful to strengthen the body, to make it flexible and elastic, to stimulate the detox processes and to make the mind free and light. However, it is an advanced asana and, especially for beginners, it will not succeed from the start. But with constant practice, calm and patience, the body will gradually be ready to make it successfully. Because yoga is also this, waiting for the right moment. The sequence we propose is based on increasing levels of difficulty so that everyone can benefit from the exercise and enjoy it. In any case, remember, the important thing is to always relax, never feel pain and get as far as you can. Then, it will be a pleasure with constant practice to see progress.
You are sitting on the mat. The legs are stretched out in front of you. Bend your right knee and bring your foot beyond your left leg. Rotate your torso to the right, your right hand is on the mat behind your back. Breathe, this twist is useful to make the spine flexible and to stimulate detoxification processes. Then, repeat on the other side.
You are squatting on the ground, place your hands on the mat and try to distribute your body weight on all the palm. Stand on your toes and, resting your knees on your elbows, slide your weight forward. When the body is ready, the feet will come off the ground and you will be able to balance on your hands in the yoga position of the crow, very useful to strengthen the arms, to improve coordination and to clear the mind.
You are still squatting, but this time your legs are rotated 90° to the left. Your hands are resting on the ground. Go on your toes and, resting your legs on your elbows, slide your weight forward. This is a variation of the yoga position of the crow with a rotation, very useful to stimulate the digestive processes and to clean the body from toxins.
Finally, here is the fallen angel yoga position. Repeat the last asana just seen. When balanced on your hands, slide your weight forward so that your right cheek brushes the mat. Raise the pelvis so as to detach it from the elbows, the left leg stretches towards the sky and the right knee rotates so that the right foot looks upwards. Breathe.
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