Yoga to boost the immune system, the plow and its variants

Yoga may help boost the immune system thanks to particular asanas, such as that on the shoulders that allow a higher blood flow in the thyroid and thymus. Moreover, these asanas improve also the blood flow in the tissues of the face and scalp, for a more luminous, young and elastic skin!
You are on your back, raise the legs and the hips and go in the candle yoga pose. The hands support the back, breathe.
From the candle yoga pose, bend the knees and bring them towards the forehead. Stretch the legs and try to touch the floor with the feet. The arms are stretched on the mat. This is the plow yoga pose.
From the plow yoga pose, make small steps and spread the legs as much as possible. Stay in the pose, breathe. Bring down the knees on the ground, near the ears. Raise the knees and stretch then again the legs.
Bring the legs closer again and, with small steps, bring both the legs to the left. Bend the knees to touch the floor, stay for a few breaths. Raise again the knees and repeat the exercise by bringing the legs on the right.
Bring the legs in the central pose, make small steps backwards to bring the feet away from the head. Bend the knees to reach the mat, if you can and you don’t feel pain. After some breaths return in the candle yoga pose, roll on the back and go in the seated pose.
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