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Yoga to burn fat
Video Yoga to burn fat

Yoga to burn fat

Today we see a fat-burning yoga sequence, capable of developing heat from the inside to eliminate toxins and get back in shape. This yoga exercise also improves flexibility and calms the mind, helping to live in the here and now.
You are standing, stretch your arms upwards. Bend forward until your hands touch the ground. The legs are not bent. Make a few steps forward with your hands.
Bring your knees to the ground, start rotating your pelvis, back and neck, hump like a cat at the same time and then straighten your back. Continue for a few breaths.
Point your feet and lift your pelvis, don't move your hands. Inhale and lift the right leg, extended, exhale and bring the leg back to the ground. Inhale and lift your left leg, then bring it back to the ground, go on like this.
Bring your hands a little closer to the feet and enter the downward facing dog yoga pose. Go on your tiptoes. Bend your right leg, bring your weight forward by bending your arms and resting your knee on your right elbow. Return in the downward facing dog yoga pose. Repeat on the other side.
You are still in the downward facing dog yoga pose. Take off your left foot and right hand. Rotate your torso to the right, your left leg stretches out in front of you, and your right arm goes towards the ceiling. Breathe. Then go back to the downward facing dog yoga pose and repeat the exercise by switching legs.
Bring your knees to the ground, your forehead rests on the mat and your arms are at your sides. Breathe and feel your heart beating hard in your chest.
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