Yoga to warm you up

Today we’ll see a yoga sequence, ideal to do in this period of winter, when the cold outside gets into the bones by leaving a chill sensation during all the day. We’ll see some starting exercises, the best yoga poses and the breathing techniques able to warm your body up.
Click the heels on the floor. Then, put the heels close together with the toes looking outside. Go on the tiptoes and rub the heels together, in this way you will move also the pelvis.
Rotate the arms backwards in an alternate way. Inhale and bring backwards the torso, exhale and bring the torso forwards, keep on rotating the arms, go on in this way for some breaths.
A good asana to warm the body up is the warrior yoga pose. Spread the legs, rotate the right foot 90° and the left foot about 30°. Inhale and bring the arms above the head. Exhale and bring the arms at the shoulder height while you are bending the right knee. Stay in the pose, breathe. Then inhale and return in the initial pose. Repeat the sequence for some breaths, then change the body side. Another interesting asana is the chair yoga pose, that, in addition to warming you up, stimulates also the meridians of the kidneys and bladder. Bend the knees and bring the torso forwards. The body weight is a bit backwards in order to activate the thighs. Lift the arms behind the back and try to approach the shoulder blades. Breathe.
Manipura chakra is the energetic center located at the solar plexus that irradiates warmth and energy. Let’s see a breathing technique able to stimulate this chakra and to diffuse in the body a pleasant sensation of heat. Bring the hands on the chest, inhale and then, by exhaling, contract the diaphragm. Go on in this way.
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