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Yoga, total body sequence and mindful asanas
Video Yoga, total body sequence and mindful asanas

Yoga, total body sequence and mindful asanas

In today's video we will practice a complete yoga sequence, which frees the mind, relieves stress, but also helps improve balance, slims the legs and makes the joints flexible.
You are standing, raise and stretch your arms above your head and spread your legs. Exhale, bend your knees, bend also the arms and lower them until you can press your elbows against your hips. Get up again while inhaling and stretch your arms. Continue like this for a few breaths.
Go on all fours. Bring your right foot between your hands and point your left foot to the ground, lift your left knee off the ground. Slowly, looking for balance, take your hands off the mat and stretch upwards.
Return your hands to the ground, with your left foot take a small step forward. Lift your left leg as far as you can, your hands remain on the ground.
The left foot returns to the mat. Raise your torso. Swing your left leg back and forth slowly. Then, stand with your left foot off the ground forward, bring your hands in prayer and your left foot above your right knee. Lower yourself slowly, bending your right knee and keeping your balance. Then bring your left foot back to the ground. You are now in the mountain yoga position, breathe and feel the effects of the asanas. Bend your torso forward until it touches the ground and go into the downward facing dog pose, then return to all fours and repeat the sequence by switching legs.
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