Yoga Practice

Yoga for a light mind and a flexible body
Yoga can help clear the mind, make it light and able to create and find solutions in a natural way. Today's yoga sequence works precisely on the flexi...
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Triangle and variants, the exercise for body, mind and breath
Triangle and its variants are really beneficial yoga poses that act on the body, by making it more flexible and removing the toxins, on the mind, by c...
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Yoga for the kidneys
Today we see a yoga sequence that is useful for kidney health. With stretching exercises and asanas based on rotations it is possible to stimulate the...
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Yoga, total body sequence and mindful asanas
In today's video we will practice a complete yoga sequence, which frees the mind, relieves stress, but also helps improve balance, slims the legs and ...
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Yoga, the sequence to do the fallen angel
The fallen angel is a truly spectacular yoga position, useful to strengthen the body, to make it flexible and elastic, to stimulate the detox processe...
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Yoga for the sciatica
Today we’ll see a yoga sequence designed to prevent and counteract inflammation of the sciatic nerve. The asanas that we’ll do are simple, affordable ...
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Anantasana, the yoga pose of the divinity
Anantasana, or yoga pose of Vishnu, reproduces the movements of the Hindu god Vishnu. The sequence that we are going to practice today will lead us, a...
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Yoga for the second chakra
The second chakra is located in correspondence of the sacrum and is connected to the kidneys and bladder. The yoga sequence that we see today helps to...
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