Yoga Practice

Pilates with the elastic band, the workout for legs, arms and abs
In the video of today we’ll see a pilates sequence easy but effective to strengthen the legs and arms, to tone the abs and to prevent pain and inflammations such as sciatica. The exercises are done with the help of an elastic band, if possible thick and robust. However, if you don’t have an elastic band you can use a towel. Hold the ends of the elastic band with both hands. The left foot presses against the elastic band, stretch the left leg upwards. Stretch forward the right leg. The arms are ...
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Yoga, the half moon for the balance and the flexibility
In the video of today we’ll see a sequence based on the yoga pose of the half moon, particularly beneficial to strengthen the muscles of the legs, to improve the balance and flexibility of the hips and of the spine. You are on your knees, raise the hips and stretch on the side the right leg. Raise the left arm, bend the torso to the right and then go to the left until you are able to touch the mat with your left hand. At the same time raise the right leg. Grab the ankle with the right hand and ...
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Pilates side teaser, the exercise for the abs and the waistline
The pilates side teaser exercise is a small sequence that works deeply on the abs muscles. In addition to this, it helps slim the waistline and burn the abdominal fat. You are on your left side, the left arm is stretched on the floor and the right hand is at the chest height to guarantee balance. Raise the head and the legs, stay in the pose for some seconds. Raise the torso and bring you seated on the floor, the legs stay raised and stretched in front of you, as you can see in the picture. ...
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Yoga, sequence for the thyroid, the kidneys and the back
The yoga sequence of today is based on the asana of the bridge and its variations. This exercise is really beneficial to improve the elasticity of the back, to counteract stress and tensions, to support the work of the thyroid and to purify the kidneys and the adrenal glands. You are on your back, the legs are bent and the arms are at your sides. Press the feet against the mat and raise the hips, arrive until you can. Breathe and stay in the bridge yoga pose. Bring now the knees to the chest a...
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