Yoga Practice

Yoga for flexibility, today we train with the archer pose
In the video of today we will see a yoga sequence that will allow us to increase the flexibility of back, joints and hips, to improve the elasticity o...
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Yoga for the first chakra, let’s strengthen your roots
The first chakra is located at the base of the spine, it represents our roots and foundations on which we create our life. The gut is connected to the...
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Pilates total body, the workout to do at home
Let’s train today with the total body pilates, easy to do at home and able to work on the whole body. In fact, the exercises act on arms, shoulders, t...
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Heart Chakra Second Part, let’s boost the immune system and counteract asthma and bronchitis
Today we’ll see the second part of the yoga dedicated to the heart chakra. The asanas thought for the heart chakra are useful for the wellbeing of the...
yoga exercises
Heart chakra, the yoga that boosts the immune system and opens the breath
Heart chakra is one of the centers through which, according to ancient Oriental medicines, the energy flows in our body. To the heart chakra are assoc...
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Pranayama for the calm, the technique of the square breathing
Today we’ll see a yoga breathing technique, or pranayama, really powerful, able to bring calm, to make the mind free from anxiety and worries, to impr...
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Yoga nidra, the deep relaxation against anxiety, fears and insomnia
In the video of today we’ll see a guided relaxation technique, very powerful, the yoga nidra, also called the yoga of sleep. Body and mind are brought...
yoga exercises
Yoga at home, the sequence for body and mind
Yoga is a wonderful discipline, it may be done at home, you don’t need any particular tool and it is so healthy for body and mind. The yoga sequence o...
yoga exercises
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