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Yoga to boost the immune system, the plow and its variants
Yoga may help boost the immune system thanks to particular asanas, such as that on the shoulders that allow a higher blood flow in the thyroid and thy...
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Pilates sequence to slim the thighs and the hips
In the video of today we’ll see a pilates sequence, easy and beneficial, to slim thighs and hips and tone the glutes. You are on your knees. Inhale a...
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Yoga, flying like a bird to leave on earth burdens and heavy thoughts
Flying, leaving on earth the most obsessive and heavy thoughts, this is the feeling that gives the paksinasana yoga pose, or pose of the flying seagul...
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Side plank with rotation, the pilates exercise for arms, shoulders and abs
Side plank with rotation is a pilates exercise that, in addition to strengthening the muscles of arms, back and shoulders works deeply on abs and make...
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Yoga detox, how to remove toxins and improve digestion
After holidays and big meals but also at season changes it is important to purify the body from toxins. The yoga asanas based on twisting and on massa...
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Pilates with the elastic band, the workout for legs, arms and abs
In the video of today we’ll see a pilates sequence easy but effective to strengthen the legs and arms, to tone the abs and to prevent pain and inflamm...
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Yoga, the half moon for the balance and the flexibility
In the video of today we’ll see a sequence based on the yoga pose of the half moon, particularly beneficial to strengthen the muscles of the legs, to ...
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Pilates side teaser, the exercise for the abs and the waistline
The pilates side teaser exercise is a small sequence that works deeply on the abs muscles. In addition to this, it helps slim the waistline and burn t...
yoga exercises
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