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Double leg stretch
Double leg stretch is a great workout for abs and for the so called powerhouse, a pivotal concept in pilates that indicates all the muscles connected with the torso. The exercise that we’ll see today helps get a flat belly and improves stability and coordination. You are on your back. Lift the legs and bend the knees. Lift also the head and look towards the navel. The arms are stretched forwards. Inhale, reach arms and legs in opposite directions. During this movement your abs are contracted i...
yoga exercises
Locust yoga pose
The locust yoga pose is a total body exercise, able to strengthen arms, shoulders, back, abs and legs. Moreover, this asana tones the sciatic nerve thus helping prevent pain and inflammations and is also beneficial to boost willpower. In this video we will see three variants of the locust yoga pose. You are on your belly. Cross the fingers under the pelvis. Inhale and push with hands and arms against the floor in order to lift the legs as high as you can. Then exhale and relax. A simpler varia...
yoga exercises
The Hundred, a total body workout
The Hundred is one of the best known pilates exercises. Its strength is that it is easy to do and results really beneficial to work on arms, shoulders, abs and thighs. The Hundred helps reshape the body and improves coordination and breathing. You are on your back, bend the knee. Lift the feet from the ground and lift also the head, look at the navel. Stretch the legs that should form a 45° angle with the ground, stretch forward also the arms and don’t touch the floor with the hands. Move the...
yoga exercises
Breathing exercises and pranayama
How many times, in a difficult situation, we tend to hold the breath without realizing it? And this happens always when we really need more energy and oxygen. And how many times we breathe superficially? These techniques of breathing that we’ll see today may help us bring back the attention on breath, calm the mind, remove the anxiety and keep at bay the blood pressure, as well as increase lung capacity. The first exercise can be done during walking, possibly in a non-polluted place. Inhale for...
yoga exercises

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yoga exercises
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