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Pilates, exercises with the stick
A little pilates sequence to do with a stick in order to work on the flexibility of the shoulders and to tone the abs and the oblique muscles, important to support the back and guarantee a stable and correct posture. Hold the stick with two hands in front of you. Bring the stick above the head and stretch the arms. Bring up and down the shoulders, go on in this way for some breaths. Then, rotate backwards shoulders and arms and bring the stick behind the back, rotate again in the opposite direc...
yoga exercises
One legged king pigeon pose
This yoga asana is really amazing and beneficial. It helps open the chest and the hips, improves the breath and makes the spine flexible. Especially at the beginning and for the non-experts, this asana may result a bit challenging but with a constant practice and by starting from basic poses such as pigeon and mermaid you will be able to do it successfully. You are on all fours, bring the right knee between the hands and stretch backwards the left leg. Rest the forehead on the yoga mat in the p...
yoga exercises
One leg teaser, pilates to get a flat belly
One leg teaser is a pilates exercise very beneficial and efficient with an immediate effect on belly and abs. Indeed, it is able to counteract visceral fat and pot belly by slimming the waist. Moreover, this exercise is able to tone thighs, back, shoulders and neck. You are on your back, bend the knees but the feet remain on the floor. Stretch the arms backwards. Stretch also the left leg and lift it a bit from the ground. Inhale, then exhale and tighten the abdominal muscles. At the same time...
yoga exercises
Yoga to warm you up
Today we’ll see a yoga sequence, ideal to do in this period of winter, when the cold outside gets into the bones by leaving a chill sensation during all the day. We’ll see some starting exercises, the best yoga poses and the breathing techniques able to warm your body up. Click the heels on the floor. Then, put the heels close together with the toes looking outside. Go on the tiptoes and rub the heels together, in this way you will move also the pelvis. Rotate the arms backwards in an alternat...
yoga exercises

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yoga exercises
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