Yoga Practice

Pranayama for the calm, the technique of the square breathing
Today we’ll see a yoga breathing technique, or pranayama, really powerful, able to bring calm, to make the mind free from anxiety and worries, to impr...
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Yoga nidra, the deep relaxation against anxiety, fears and insomnia
In the video of today we’ll see a guided relaxation technique, very powerful, the yoga nidra, also called the yoga of sleep. Body and mind are brought...
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Yoga at home, the sequence for body and mind
Yoga is a wonderful discipline, it may be done at home, you don’t need any particular tool and it is so healthy for body and mind. The yoga sequence o...
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Yoga at home against anxiety and to sleep well, relaxing exercises
Anxiety, panic, fear and nervousness, they are all common feelings in a so difficult time. Yoga may be helpful, it soothes anxiety, makes the mind cal...
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Pilates, the full body workout that you can do at home
It is a difficult time, for everybody, but we are in this together and we all are struggling to protect ourselves and the other people, no matter if w...
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Yoga to boost the immune system, the plow and its variants
Yoga may help boost the immune system thanks to particular asanas, such as that on the shoulders that allow a higher blood flow in the thyroid and thy...
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Pilates sequence to slim the thighs and the hips
In the video of today we’ll see a pilates sequence, easy and beneficial, to slim thighs and hips and tone the glutes. You are on your knees. Inhale a...
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Yoga, flying like a bird to leave on earth burdens and heavy thoughts
Flying, leaving on earth the most obsessive and heavy thoughts, this is the feeling that gives the paksinasana yoga pose, or pose of the flying seagul...
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