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Pilates for the abs, the hips and the thighs, the helicopter
Helicopter is a pilates exercise that deeply works on the abs, it strengthens them, but it helps also slim hips and thighs. You are on the back, the arms are along your body sides. Spread the legs like a scissor with the right leg forward and the left leg a little raised from the floor. Make two small and fast movements by trying to bringing away the legs from each other and then by bringing them back to the initial pose. Repeat by changing the leg. Stay on the back, legs straight. Raise the r...
yoga exercises
Yoga for the sixth chakra
The chakras are, according to Indian tradition, the energetic centers where the body energy flows. The main chakras are 7 and located along the spine. Today we’ll see a yoga sequence really beneficial for the sixth chakra, called third eye, that is represented in the middle of the forehead between the eyebrows. A block in this chakra may cause headache, sinusitis, problems of the eyes and ears and poor ability to listen to the inner voice. A yoga pose beneficial for the sixth chakra is uttanasa...
yoga exercises
Pilates, tonic abs, glutes and arms with double leg kick
Today we’ll train with double leg kick, the pilates exercise that works at the same time on shoulders, glutes, abs and legs. A total body workout that makes the body tonic, reshapes and slims it! Let’s start. Get a stick, this will help you do the exercise. You are on your stomach, the stick is in front of you, the hands are on the stick and the legs are together. Exhale and stretch the arms by rolling the stick away from the face. Inhale and, by keeping the arms stretched and working just wit...
yoga exercises
Yoga inversions, benefits and practice
Today we’ll see a yoga sequence based on inversions, that are the asana where the head is below the heart. Inverted poses are really beneficial for blood flow because, in this way, the blood arrives more easily to the heart from the legs and the lower part of the torso and an extra amount of oxygen reaches the cells that result revitalized. But inversions improve also attention and memory as highlighted by scientific researches! The sequence is developed in order to make everybody, both beginner...
yoga exercises
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