Yoga Practice

Pilates with the elastic band, the workout for legs, arms and abs
In the video of today we’ll see a pilates sequence easy but effective to strengthen the legs and arms, to tone the abs and to prevent pain and inflamm...
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Yoga, the half moon for the balance and the flexibility
In the video of today we’ll see a sequence based on the yoga pose of the half moon, particularly beneficial to strengthen the muscles of the legs, to ...
yoga exercises
Pilates side teaser, the exercise for the abs and the waistline
The pilates side teaser exercise is a small sequence that works deeply on the abs muscles. In addition to this, it helps slim the waistline and burn t...
yoga exercises
Yoga, sequence for the thyroid, the kidneys and the back
The yoga sequence of today is based on the asana of the bridge and its variations. This exercise is really beneficial to improve the elasticity of the...
yoga exercises
Pilates sequence to burn fat, reshape the body and improve the coordination
Here for you a pilates sequence really effective to get a flat stomach, to counteract abdominal fat and to strengthen arms, legs and shoulders! Like a...
yoga exercises
Sun salutation, the yoga sequence easy to do and beneficial for all
Sun salutation is one of the most well-known yoga sequences in the world. This exercise is perfect for the morning since it gently stimulates the bloo...
yoga exercises
Side plank to slim the waistline and strengthen the arms
Today we see a pilates sequence based on the side plank that will help, if practiced with constancy, to slim the waistline, improve breathing and circ...
yoga exercises
Improve flexibility, metabolism and the work of thyroid with yoga, the asanas on the shoulders
The yoga poses on the shoulders, the subject of this video, are really beneficial for the health of the entire body. Indeed, they help improve the fle...
yoga exercises
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