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Healthy and fit, stretching exercises
Stretching exercises are really useful to improve blood flow, to make the movements fluid but also to lubricate the joints and to protect the cartilages. Stand on the gym mat, move the arms, shake them and, in the meantime, go down with your torso. Then swing from one side to the other with torso and arms. In this way you can feel that the back is gently stretching together with legs, arms and neck, and you will get relief in the shoulder joints. Sit now, bring the chin close to the chest, the...
yoga exercises
Relaxing yoga, foot massage
After a day spent at work, at school or at home to do all the daily activities it is nice to take a moment for ourselves and dedicate little attentions to our feet, that tireless support us in every moment. Today we will see how to do the self foot massage in order to relax the tensions, to improve blood circulation and the pressure and to counteract water retention! Stay on the yoga mat, go on your tiptoes, then go back on the floor and again on your tiptoes. Go on in this way for some times. ...
yoga exercises
Pilates workout, for glutes, thighs and abs
The best way to start your day? With the pilates sequence that works on glutes, thighs, back and abs. The workout helps also strengthen the posterior muscles of the thigh that, especially if you spend a lot of hours at the desk, are pressed and may become weak. You are on your stomach on the gym mat. Lean the forehead on the back of the hands. Tighten the glutes and try to lift the feet from the floor, don’t move the shoulders. Go back with the feet to the floor and repeat the exercises a coupl...
yoga exercises
Mermaid, the yoga pose that improves breathe and flexibility
Mermaid is one of the most photographed yoga pose, is graceful and beautiful to see but it is also really beneficial. It makes the back flexible and counteracts tensions and pain, especially sciatica, it opens the chest and improves the breath and the blood circulation with health and benefit for all the body. Finally, thanks to this pose you will be able to deeply stretch legs, arms and shoulders. You are on all fours on the yoga mat. Bring the right knee between your hands and, at the same ti...
yoga exercises

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yoga exercises
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