Yoga Practice

The bridge, opens the chakra of the heart and strengthens the body
Today we’ll see the full yoga sequence of the bridge with steps at different difficulty levels. In this way, everybody will be able to practice with t...
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Pilates for the legs, the hinge
The hinge is a pilates exercise that works on the muscles of the thighs, it strengthens them and makes them more elastic. This results really benefici...
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Detox Yoga, the twisting poses
Today we purify the body from the toxins accumulated during winter thanks to the twisting poses. The twists are yoga asana that involve a rotation of ...
yoga exercises
Pilates, exercises with the stick
A little pilates sequence to do with a stick in order to work on the flexibility of the shoulders and to tone the abs and the oblique muscles, importa...
yoga exercises
One legged king pigeon pose
This yoga asana is really amazing and beneficial. It helps open the chest and the hips, improves the breath and makes the spine flexible. Especially a...
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One leg teaser, pilates to get a flat belly
One leg teaser is a pilates exercise very beneficial and efficient with an immediate effect on belly and abs. Indeed, it is able to counteract viscera...
yoga exercises
Yoga to warm you up
Today we’ll see a yoga sequence, ideal to do in this period of winter, when the cold outside gets into the bones by leaving a chill sensation during a...
yoga exercises
Double leg stretch
Double leg stretch is a great workout for abs and for the so called powerhouse, a pivotal concept in pilates that indicates all the muscles connected ...
yoga exercises
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