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Pilates for the legs, the hinge
The hinge is a pilates exercise that works on the muscles of the thighs, it strengthens them and makes them more elastic. This results really beneficial in order to avoid muscle strain but also to guarantee a better stability of the knees. You are on your knees, stretch all the body and the top of your head towards the ceiling. The arms are extended in front of you. Inhale and bend the knees, tilt the torso back. The body remains flat as a board. Then return in the initial pose by exhaling. Re...
yoga exercises
Detox Yoga, the twisting poses
Today we purify the body from the toxins accumulated during winter thanks to the twisting poses. The twists are yoga asana that involve a rotation of the torso, in this way the internal organs are squeezed and the blood flow decreases. When you return to the initial pose, the blood flows again abundantly by removing the toxins and impurities, the twists help also digestion and counteract swollen belly and stagnations. You are standing on the yoga mat, spread the legs. Rotate the right foot 90 d...
yoga exercises
Pilates, exercises with the stick
A little pilates sequence to do with a stick in order to work on the flexibility of the shoulders and to tone the abs and the oblique muscles, important to support the back and guarantee a stable and correct posture. Hold the stick with two hands in front of you. Bring the stick above the head and stretch the arms. Bring up and down the shoulders, go on in this way for some breaths. Then, rotate backwards shoulders and arms and bring the stick behind the back, rotate again in the opposite direc...
yoga exercises
One legged king pigeon pose
This yoga asana is really amazing and beneficial. It helps open the chest and the hips, improves the breath and makes the spine flexible. Especially at the beginning and for the non-experts, this asana may result a bit challenging but with a constant practice and by starting from basic poses such as pigeon and mermaid you will be able to do it successfully. You are on all fours, bring the right knee between the hands and stretch backwards the left leg. Rest the forehead on the yoga mat in the p...
yoga exercises
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