Yoga Practice

Side plank to slim the waistline and strengthen the arms
Today we see a pilates sequence based on the side plank that will help, if practiced with constancy, to slim the waistline, improve breathing and circ...
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Improve flexibility, metabolism and the work of thyroid with yoga, the asanas on the shoulders
The yoga poses on the shoulders, the subject of this video, are really beneficial for the health of the entire body. Indeed, they help improve the fle...
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Pilates, twist and crunch
Twist and crunch pilates exercises work deeply on the belly and the waistline, by helping to burn fat, to slim the hips and make the body more elastic...
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Exercises for the sixth chakra, Part Two
Today we’ll see other beneficial yoga exercises to unlock and strengthen the sixth chakra, also called the third eye, placed right in the middle of th...
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Pilates for the abs, the hips and the thighs, the helicopter
Helicopter is a pilates exercise that deeply works on the abs, it strengthens them, but it helps also slim hips and thighs. You are on the back, the ...
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Yoga for the sixth chakra
The chakras are, according to Indian tradition, the energetic centers where the body energy flows. The main chakras are 7 and located along the spine....
yoga exercises
Pilates, tonic abs, glutes and arms with double leg kick
Today we’ll train with double leg kick, the pilates exercise that works at the same time on shoulders, glutes, abs and legs. A total body workout that...
yoga exercises
Yoga inversions, benefits and practice
Today we’ll see a yoga sequence based on inversions, that are the asana where the head is below the heart. Inverted poses are really beneficial for bl...
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