Yoga Practice

Pilates, tonic abs, glutes and arms with double leg kick
Today we’ll train with double leg kick, the pilates exercise that works at the same time on shoulders, glutes, abs and legs. A total body workout that makes the body tonic, reshapes and slims it! Let’s start. Get a stick, this will help you do the exercise. You are on your stomach, the stick is in front of you, the hands are on the stick and the legs are together. Exhale and stretch the arms by rolling the stick away from the face. Inhale and, by keeping the arms stretched and working just wit...
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Yoga inversions, benefits and practice
Today we’ll see a yoga sequence based on inversions, that are the asana where the head is below the heart. Inverted poses are really beneficial for blood flow because, in this way, the blood arrives more easily to the heart from the legs and the lower part of the torso and an extra amount of oxygen reaches the cells that result revitalized. But inversions improve also attention and memory as highlighted by scientific researches! The sequence is developed in order to make everybody, both beginner...
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Total body pilates, exercises with the ball
Today we’ll see a full body pilates sequence, that works on the glutes, thighs, arms but also abs! The proposed exercises help slim the legs, counteract abdominal fat but are also useful to correct the posture. For the practice we’ll use just a ball and a mat. And you, what are you waiting for? Train with us! You are on your back, bend the knees and place the ball under the feet. Feet and legs are very close, this will help you maintain the balance. The arms are at your sides. Slowly, raise the...
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The bridge, opens the chakra of the heart and strengthens the body
Today we’ll see the full yoga sequence of the bridge with steps at different difficulty levels. In this way, everybody will be able to practice with this asana and arrive until it is possible for him/her, without feeling any discomfort or pain but getting benefits from the effects of this amazing yoga pose. The bridge indeed opens the chakra of the heart, a region where often accumulate tensions, rigidity and worries. Moreover, the bridge stimulates the thyroid, works on the flexibility of the b...
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